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transports in Morocco

Transports in Morocco

Morocco enjoys a relatively developed transportation system. For travelling from one region to another, you can choose between trains, buses, taxis, rental cars, and even planes. Cities generally have a bus system, but taxis make it even easier to get around, even if you are not familiar with the city you are in. Rabat and Casablanca have a fairly new tramway, which is an affordable and safe way to get around those two cities. The national railway network connects to most major cities and provides a scenic way to travel long distances.

Trains in Morocco

Trains are an excellent option for travelling between cities. They connect most of the country, and visitors and newcomers often use them. All of the announcements are made in Arabic and French, and there is information about stops and timetables in the stations, so they are fairly easy to use. There is also a high-speed train that runs at up to 200 mph linking Casablanca to Tangier in the North. Although transportation can be very easy to use on the coast and in the northern parts of the country, there aren’t railroads south of Marrakesh. You will likely make a stop if you’re travelling south, and book a bus ticket (usually with Supratours, a subsidiary of the railroad company).

 Good to know:

Most trains offer first and second class tickets. The main difference is that in the first class, you will have a reserved seat with luggage space, whereas in second class you may have to stand. First-class is more expensive, so it is a good option if you have a long trip with big suitcases, or if you are travelling during a holiday and the trains are full. If not, second class is often just as comfortable.

Buses in Morocco

Several bus companies across Morocco link the major cities. Bus networks cross the country and offer different levels of comfort at relatively affordable prices. You can book your ticket in advance if you plan to make a long journey since buses are usually very crowded. It’s better to book tickets with companies offering better service such as CTM (which can be done online).

Local buses also run within cities, but generally are discouraged as modes of transport for foreigners, as buses are often packed with commuters and are easy targets for pickpockets. Rabat and Casablanca both have their own tram system, which is a more comfortable and safer way to travel. A trip on the tram costs less than 10 dirhams, and trams are generally clean and efficient.

Taxis in Morocco

In Morocco, you will find large taxis (grand taxi) as well as small ones (petit taxi). Prices usually vary according to the size of the vehicle and the distance travelled. Small taxis have a meter counter which the driver will start as soon as you board in (make sure to remind them if you’re taking a taxi right off the station). It is not possible to negotiate the fare. Note that small taxis cannot leave the city they serve.

Large taxis, on the other hand, do not have a meter counter and can cover long trips. Large taxis have a set route like a bus, but they pick up or drop off passengers at any location along the route as opposed to stopping at a bus stop. Some large taxis are bigger and more comfortable, but some are the same size as small taxi, just with more passengers squished in!

 Good to know:

Rates are higher at night, and a taxi ride can cost you up to 50% more.

Rent a car in Morocco

You can rent a car if you have a valid driving license and if you wish to travel alone or with your family. You can find car rental agencies in almost all Moroccan cities. To rent a car, you must produce your identity card or passport and an international payment card as security.

 Good to know:

When you discuss rental rates with the agency, make sure that it includes basic insurance and the 20% tax.

Aircraft in Morocco

To come into the country from abroad, you can choose among the numerous airlines serving different Moroccan cities. The country has several airports which greatly facilitate regional and international transport daily. Some companies also offer local flights from one city to another. The biggest airport is outside of Casablanca and can be reached most easily by train.

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